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Buy condo in Singapore

As we all know, Singapore is one of the Asian countries with a fast-growing and successful economy.

Having a good government and stable currency, Singapore is a great choice for many to invest in Singapore new launches properties. Read about their booming economy HERE on their government website or get a third party view by visiting this link.

We have done ample study on what are considered good buys in the Singapore new launch segment.

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Buy condo Singapore

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north park residences

North Park Residence

North Park Residences is an upcoming condominium in Yishun, the north of Singapore, that will be built on top of a mega shopping mall cum integrated transport hub, called North Point City. North Park Residences which boasts a total of around 920 units, will be proudly developed by renowned Developer Frasers Centrepoint. With convenience at it’s best, it will be minutes walk to Yishun MRT train station, such that travelling down to Orchard Road will be a breeze.

Read more on the official news article on

buying real estate is an intricate process, especially if you intend to invest overseas. firstly you need to choose a country thats politically and economically safe. government has to be least corrupt, and country needs to be expanding at a good pace. one example would be singapore. buying new launches in singapore would be the better choice compared to buying into resale, because the upfront cash outlay would be significantly lesser, and prices are lower and have yet to appreciate in capital values. actually i just bought a new launch condominium in singapore called north park residences, which is located in the northern part of singapore, namely yishun. i browsed through the web and bought the property through this website north park residence. in the next few years i will be able to rent this out at a good rental yield. North Park Location is also ideal, right beside Yishun MRT station. also, an important factor is to look at reputable developers, as their track records will prove to be reliable. north park residences developer is frasers centrepoint which i found to be reliable.

You may viist this website which i found