Lakeville Singapore

Lakeville Jurong can be considered The condo of the west at the moment.

quite a very highly sought after new Jurong Lake condo.
With 695 units, buyers still have ample choice and currently, Lakeville Price is viewed as very attractive and investors are looking more at long term capital appreciation, which was backed by the Singapore Prime Minister when he announced in public speech that the Jurong Lake District will be pampered with a great upgrade for residents. Check out what the Singapore government plans are for Jurong Lake here.

lakeville jurong  lakeville condo interior 1
Much has already been talked on buyers aiming this condo and units are being sold typically almost every day.

One factor being its very well-priced and also long term capital appreciation is expected after this important revamp of the current Jurong Lake Section.
Another point to note which is also a plus point would be that most units in Lakeville will be looking at or facing the unblocked Lake.

Lakeville Jurong will also be built near MRT train station, such that travelling to and from there will be a convenient way of life, being well-linked to the rest of Singapore.

In current real  estate climate, buyers can choose which condo really is a better buy which truly has more capital appreciation.


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